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PRIMEHOLOD LLC is a manufacturer and supplier of refrigerating equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems for industrial enterprises. Since its first days PRIMEHOLOD holds itself out as a company offering complex engineering and technical solutions in the area of industrial refrigeration for food, chemical and agricultural industry enterprises.

The company specialists attentively track all the changes occurring in the industries of major consumers. This helps to react on the wishes of our customers flexibly and quickly. Our company experts design and produce equipment that is maximally adapted for the manufacturing process features of our customers. We highly appreciate the trust of our clients and do our best to extend the range of offered equipment and additional services every year. In our calculations we rely on long-term experience in designing and manufacturing of such systems by European companies.

PRIMEHOLOD, LLC is a company that designs equipment for freezing and chilling chambers and storage rooms for food products. Meat-packing houses, fish processing enterprises, fruit and vegetable store cellars, pastry and bakery shops, prefabricated meat products manufacturers, cheeseries and ice-cream factories are among our clients.

We design and manufacture chillers with different power and assignment. High production facilities and reliable components from European manufacturers give us ability to offer chillers at the most favourable price in the niche. Long-term and stable partnership with leading European manufacturers gives our customers premier access to the technological innovations and form beneficial prices.

Chillers from PRIMEHOLOD serve to chill the industrial equipment (extruders, forming machines). They are also used in mineral water and carbonated drinks manufacture. We can offer the equipment of any power starting from 2 kW. The engineering and technical potential of the company allows creating solutions for any industrial refrigeration purposes, satisfying the needs in artificial cold of any scale.

We support tight partnership with regional installation contractors hired for assembling refrigerator objects, providing technical support and assembly contract supervision of the most complex equipment. Such equipment includes cooling units and chillers based on BITZER and J & E HALLhelical compressors, multi compressor refrigeration units and central refrigerating plants, compressed air stations and climate chambers. In our projects we use the equipment of the leading hardware manufacturers such as Bitzer, Frascold, Copeland, Alfa Laval, Guеntner, Thermofin, AlcoControls, Danfoss, etc. The reliability of a cold supply system depends not only on the quality of components kit, but also on the fail-safety of management, control and security systems. That is why the design and manufacture of equipment management operating systems is devoted special attention.

PRIMEHOLOD, LLC service provider offers services for equipment maintenance and repair to all our clients, regardless of the year of equipment production and its location.

Our products:
• Commercial and industrial refrigerating equipment;
• Refrigerating equipment for milk plants;
• Technological refrigerating equipment for warehouses;
• Climate control systems;
• Ventilation equipment;
• Refrigerating equipment for meat-processing plants;
• Refrigerating equipment for restaurants;
• Building fruit and vegetable storages;
• Building refrigerator warehouses.

Our services::
• Design of cold supply systems;
• Manufacture of serial and special refrigerating equipment for industrial, medical, scientific, shipbuilding, transport construction and agricultural enterprises; different food, construction, sport, chemical industries; commercial enterprises;
• The delivery of the full range of refrigerating equipment and components including reciprocating and helical refrigerating machines, heat-transfer equipment, production refrigerating equipment;
• Assembling, authorized maintenance service and repair of refrigerating equipment;
• Reconstruction of refrigerator warehouses.

The types of manufactured equipment:
PRIMEHOLOD Company manufactures and supplies the following kinds of industrial refrigerating and climate equipment:
• Water cooling systems (refrigerating machines);
• Liquid chilling plants (chillers);
• Multiplate and spiral freezing machines;
• Ice flakers and slice ice machines;
• Central refrigerating stations;
• Cold accumulators for chilling milk, etc.;
• Refrigerating units;
• Compressor houses;
• Blast chillers;
• Quick-freezing tunnels;
• Flo-freezing plants;
• Spiral freezing machines.

Specialized areas of activity. Complex supply of industrial equipment. The construction of objects on turnkey basis:
• Cooling units, storages, building and equipping with all required hardware;
• Fruit and vegetable storages;
• Banana ripening gas cameras;
• Ice sport facilities.

Possessing professional knowledge and experience, relying on powerful engineering potential of its specialists, PRIMEHOLOD is your reliable partner in the area of industrial cooling systems.

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